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Our Credentials

  • License ID: 2710005759 (Master Gas Fitter)
  • License ID: 2705138949 (Electrical)
  • License ID: 2705138949 (HVAC)
  • License ID: 2710005759 (Master HVAC)
  • License ID: 2705138949 (Gas Fitting Contracting (GFC))
  • License ID: 2710005759 (Master Plumber)
  • License ID: 2705138949 (Plumbing)
  • License ID: 2705138949 (Class C Contractor)
  • License ID: 2710005759 (Master Electrician)


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About Us

The Fire & Water Company, LLC, has over 50 years experience serving the Middle Peninsula, Northern Neck, Peninsula, Southside, Williamsburg and Richmond areas of eastern Virginia. We are full tradesman contractors providing all in-house work, without outside contractors.

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We Proudly Offer:

  • Fire and Water
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Fire Place
  • Residential
  • Commercial